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Many people know SEO is one of the most important online marketing tools, but the vast majority of people do not know how to get it right. As a result, there are hundreds of thousands of websites with almost non-existent SEO and a mediocre online presence. The following SEO tips might help them turn things around.

i) Concentrate on Content

In the world of online marketing, content is king. People visit websites and blogs because of the content published on their pages, so write great articles based on your primary keyword and phrases. The articles should be original, informative, interesting to read and of reasonable length.

ii) Build a Network of Quality Backlinks

Get links from blogs, social networking sites, authoritative websites and article submission directories to boost your rankings. Each of the links you build should be able to bring-in internet users interested in what you have to offer. Please note that the higher the quality and number of backlinks your site has, the higher your search engine ranking will be.

iii) Use Unique Title Tags

Every web page on your site should have a unique title tag containing your main keyword and keyword phrases, eg use ‘SEO Geelong’ as your front page tag for best results. If you would like the name of your company to appear on the title tag, be sure to put it at the end. After all, only a few people are going to search for the exact name of your company.

iv) Update your Site Regularly

Search algorithms often give priority to dynamic content over static content. That is why article directories and blogs do well on search engines. Therefore, you may want to consider publishing new web content as frequently as you can.

v) Use Images to your Advantage

Your image titles, descriptions and alt attributes should contain the main keyword and words related to the topic of your site.

vi) Add Viral Components to your Site

Your website should have a sharing function, reviews, ratings and a section for visitor comments. While these features may not be necessary, they can boost your online presence and page rank significantly.

vii) Optimize Each Page for a Single Keyword

In your search for better results, you may be tempted to optimize one page for several keywords and keyword phrases. Unfortunately, the results you will get when you take this approach will not match up to your high expectations. Ideally, you should focus on just a single keyword or phrase for each page.

viii) Make Sure your Site is About One Topic

It’s hard to be a jack of all trades. If you manage to be one, however, create a number of websites for each of your interests as opposed to trying to publish content on a variety of topics on the same site.