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Basic LINUX commands

When you hear of Linux, most people think of a complex operating system that is only used by programmers. But it’s not as weird as it sounds. Linux is a whole family of open-source, Linux

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What are the basic elements of Linux

When we turn on our computer/laptop, we get a screen where we can perform several things such as editing a document, surfing the internet, playing videos, downloading apps, etc. We need to operate on our

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Install X11 and WindowMaker on CentOS 7

Normally, a server is not supposed to have a graphical environment. However, in certain specific contexts – such as the installation of the 389 Directory Server with its graphical administration console – the presence of

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Advantages of Web Marketing

The best technique to internet advertising could be very useful, particularly for small company proprietors that prepare to involve a bigger as well as a lot more affordable tool. Developing a main office on the web could

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