LINUX Training: LINUXjunkies offers Trainings / Seminars on GNU/LINUX & Free software .

All These Courses are available at our Registered office .Also includes Free Internet access, Study Materials and Software.


1. Basic
An Introduction to GNU/LINUX and RedHat  OS. Anybody can join this course. For more please enroll yourself at our office.

2. Pro
Curriculum Highlights : GNU/LINUX OS, Text Editors, LINUX Shell, Shell Programming, Managing Files and Processes, KDE, GNOME.

3. Advance
Curriculum Highlights : GNU/LINUX Basic + Managing Users and Groups, Administering Printers, Backups-Restore, RPMs, DNS, DHCP, NFS, Samba, Proxy Server, Firewall, Web server, etc.

4. – The Complete Office Suite
Curriculum Highlights : OpenOffice Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math, HTML Editor.

5. Web programming in PHP/MySQL
Exclusive web programming course to create Dynamic Websites. A prior knowledge in HTML preferable. Linuxjunkies Foundation is the only partner of mySQL under DevConnect Member in West Bengal.

6. Managing Web Servers
An industry standard course to provide support to web hosting providers by managing web severs. It includes basic gnu/linux with networking, Apache , php/mySQL and all industry level tools like cPanel, WHM, and others.


Security Training : offering both customized in-house training, as well as hands-on workshops. We cover a wide range of topics, and the key differentiator with us is maximum emphasis on practical exercises. Our main objective in security training is a complete and comprehensive Knowledge Transfer. 

1. Network Security Administration :
A complete training for those, who want to be an Security Expert and also for System and Network Administrators. As we believe that, a critical step to knowing your enemy is first understanding their tools and the skills set, that is being used to attack systems.

Curriculum : Total duration 12 months

Sem 1 : Casing the Establishment : 1 months
1A : Footprinting
1B : Scanning
1C : Enumeration

Sem 2 : System Hacking : 5 months
2A : Hacking Windows (!!)
2B : Hacking UNIX/LINUX and Novell Netware

Sem 3 : Network Hacking : 2 months
3A : Dial-up, PBX, Voicemail & VPN hacking and Network Devices
3B : Firewalls and Denial of Service ( DoS ) Attacks

Sem 4 : Software Hacking : 4 months
4A : Remote control Insecurities and Advance Techniques
4B : Web hacking and Hacking the Internet user

Eligibility : A prior knowledge in TCP/IP, C/C++ ,Perl and Networking Hardware is must.

2. LINUX Security :

Curriculum Highlight : Total duration 6 months

Linux Security Overview – Getting into outside – Local Attacks – Attacks over Network – Servers & Firewalls Attacks.

Eligibility : A prior knowledge in TCP/IP, C/C++ and Networking Hardware is must. Knowing Perl & Pascal is preferable.3. TCP/IP :
A Mammoth Approach to TCP/IP

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