Computers can be networked together for communication. The two requirements for this are a hardware communication link and a communication protocol. The link could be Ethernet, modem, radio link or fiber optic cable. The Protocol defines the strict rules under which the machines communicate. Internet protocol suite, also called TCP/IP, is a highly popular Protocol. The TCP/IP protocol was first implemented on Unix and GNU/Linux systems support them very well. It is fairly easy to setup a TCP/IP network of several computers running GNU/Linux connected by an Ethernet Local Area Network, LAN. During installation on a computer with Ethercard, the installation program will ask for an IP address.

If you have several computers connected by LAN, the simplest approach would be to assign the IP numbers like, …. etc. The first three numbers are the network part which remains same for a network and the last part is the host part. Care should be taken to assign unique IP addresses to each machine.

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